A banner containing six images representing the freedom church dna


We are a bible-believing church and our DNA are what makes us Freedom Church. These are the characteristics that Jesus has called us to embody and champion in our communities.

If you want a feel for who we are, the DNA are a really great place to start!


Expressing outwardly, the work that God has done inwardly, our faith and love will not be contained. We have a contagious passion for Jesus that is raw, real, and Passion by nature is expressed

Everything’s a Gift

We intentionally celebrate and give thanks. We shake off complacency and entitlement to overflow with gratitude for God, our lives and one another. Practising thankfulness gives us a joy that will sustain us. 

Relevant to Our Time

We will share an ageless message that engages the next generation and is easily understood by unchurched people. We will adapt our methods and lay down our preferences for the times and cultures we are called to reach.


We are on a constant journey of transformation and personal freedom to become more like Jesus. We refuse to get stuck in our ways, taking individual responsibility for our learning and growth. 

Heart and Soul

We take personal responsibility for the vision and unity of our church. We are committed to making God’s Kingdom the central cause of our lives, no matter the cost.

Punching Above our Weight

With audacious faith, we set impossible goals, take bold, confident steps and watch our God move. We are giant-killers who refuse to limit the Holy Spirit.

Relentless Reaching

We persistently share the hope and salvation of Jesus with our family, friends and communities. We won’t stand by and be silent about the truth and love God has for this world.

First and Best

We will serve God and our church with all that we have, giving sacrificially to the one who gave us everything. We won’t just go through the motions or do the minimum. The best of our talents, time and resources will be used for the Kingdom. 

Warrior Poets

We reflect the creator by embracing and expressing creativity. The colour of our lives becoming a revolt against the mundane and ordinary. We communicate the Gospel with the life and vibrancy in which it was intended. 

We Will Elevate

We freely give honour to everyone: women, men, all ages and all races. We reveal God’s value for each person by opening our homes and our lives. We honour leaders who serve us. We honour God when we build a culture that honours people. 

Raise the Next

We lovingly disciple, we release leadership, we inspire kingdom influencers and plant new churches. We share the truths and opportunities given to us, changing the world through a legacy of multiplication. 

Live Full, Die Empty

We are adventurers, who take risks and grab life by the horns. Our joy stands in opposition to lifeless religion. Dancing and laughter mark our lives, and we are determined to release all our potential before we die.