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About Us

We are a community of people who declare our passionate love for Jesus and each other.

We are creatives, Warrior Poets, who express themselves with authenticity and excellence in everything they do.

We believe that the gospel is relevant and powerful to change lives, and it’s our mission to show that in a way that speaks to our culture today, and the generations to come.

We lovingly teach people how to follow Jesus and raise up leaders who will take forward the mission of His church for the decades to come.

We are filled with audacious faith, believing whole heartedly that our God is who He says He is.

We are avid adventurers and pursue the most exciting life avaliable to us.

We honour people of every age, race and gender not because of what they’ve done for us but because of who they are.

We fight for each other, we fight for our leaders, we fight for our unity and for honour.

We believe that gratitude is one of the most important keys to finding true life in Jesus.

We share the good news about Jesus with every person we can find because we can’t keep it in.

We are committed to changing every day to become more like Jesus.

We are Freedom Church.

Our vision is to connect anyone, anywhere, to a life-changing relationship with Jesus.

What we believe

If you’re looking for a new church, it’s important to know what they believe at their core. So what do we believe? Find out below.

Our Leaders

Freedom Cape Town is part of a larger movement of churches and receives oversight and input from a team currently based in the UK. Below you can meet some of the leaders of our church in Cape Town.

Our Pastors

Josh and Meg Cooke passionately love the local church. They wholeheartedly believe that Jesus and His Church are worth giving their whole lives for.

Josh and Meg grew up in the UK but have lived and led church in different nations around the world. From Uganda and Cambodia to three different cities in the UK, they have been leading in local churches for over 10 years.

In March 2020, they felt God calling them to move to Cape Town to lead the church community in Salt River. Since the end of 2020, they have had a beautiful baby girl, Evelyn, and have put down roots in the city.

Their vision is to build a multi-racial church that cuts through socio-economic barriers across South Africa. This is the pathway to building a healthy church. They dream about people from different racial, national and socio-economic backgrounds, sitting across dinner tables building deep, vulnerable friendships together.

They dream of a church filled with people whose lives are built on the Ubuntu idea, I am because we are. And this vision is not just for our city. This vision is for Cape Town, South Africa, and Southern Africa.

A picture of our church pastors with Josh on the left and Meg on the right.


These are our church core values and give you a sense of who we are and the kind of community that we are building here in Cape Town.

Our messages

Each week, our local teaching team bring messages of hope and inspiration. Messages that aim to bring you closer to a life-changing relationship with Jesus.